I Hate Where I Work

I realise that I must be like thousands of people around the world who really hate where they work. I actually don’t mind the job but the way the multinational company I work for runs its business is about the worst I have ever encountered.

I used to think that I was the only one until I started hearing stories about what one particular manager had done to many of the staff who have since left. What is more this manager is still with the company and still doing the same thing just changed the way she does it.

Anyway here I am at the end of my weekend almost and feeling really quite anxious that I have to go back there tomorrow and look at the manager with the horrible energy aura. Listen to her false care and syrupy voice. How can her manager and upper management not see the destruction she carries?

True her energy is such that when she leaves every day or on the days she is not there the whole office feels lighter, happier, buoyant.

I am feeling grateful at this moment that I found this link to work on keeping me calm for free.  Deep Calm Subliminal. I am a little curious as to if this will help me and if it does I think I will get more. The company is called Real Subliminals, I need bad energy deflection to keep me going.

Nice too that I don’t have to meditate to do this so even easier.

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