It Tastes Like Bacon (But it is not bacon)

There is a world wide desire for bacon.  I have never understood why and I am assuming it is more about a sheep mentality than wanting to eat bacon. Moreover, bacon is different according to processing methods and raising methods of the pig.

The biggest problem when it comes to food is people are easily swayed by clever marketing, glossy photos and smart words. It is easier to believe these tactics than do the research and be more informed.

In Australia one enterprising young man, Kjetil Hansen, decided he wanted everything he ate to taste like bacon.  The claim on the website is that he was opposed to the additives in bacon and processed meats, thus it seem his holy grail to creat a seasoning that tastes like bacon.

Great. Good on him for being so enterprising.  But, I have issues with this. The marketing and the product contradicts the reason why this young man started out to create a bacon tasting seasoning. His great idea has been turned into a business that certainly seems to be going well. But this has come at a cost of his original vision.

Firstly he states on his website he started out “experimenting with different ingredients. For almost 8 months I blended spices, herbs and vegetable powders in my kitchen mixer to perfect the recipe.”

Very impressive, this gives the reader the feeling that he is using every day ingredients that are not likely to be harmful and represent real food.

Then his spiel goes on to say: “After a long time, and help from a food specialist, a low in calories, low fat, low sodium and vegetarian Bacon Seasoning was invented!”

A food specialist? What is a food specialist?  When looked up on the internet you get essentially:

“responsible for ordering, replenishing, and merchandising gourmet and natural food products. They will performs all functions related to organic, raw, and minimally processed food item preparation, counter service, sanitation, and stocking of products. Additionally Gourmet & Natural Food Specialists will work to maintain attractive specialty displays and supporting the Company’s vision.” *

Now the reader can feel really comfortable that this new bacon tasting product is truly a good food item. Until you get a list of the ingredients. Ingredients I struggle to find any congruence with the original concern of the product creator of processed foods. It could be said he has just swapped one type of undesirable food for another.  A food contradiction all in the name of good business building and the making of money.

Here are a list of the ingredients in Bacon Seasoning and the dangers of some of these ingredients:

  • Maltodextrin  [Ref1] :
    – Spikes Blood Sugar
    – Suppresses the Growth of Probiotics
    – Made From Genetically Modified Corn
    – May Cause an Allergic Reaction or Side Effects
    – Has No Nutritional Value
  • Salt
  • Flavour enhancers (621, 635) – [Ref2] [Ref3]:
    – 621, MSG. Used to trick your brain chemicals to want to eat more and is highly addictive.  In small amounts may be harmless but given that this is found in many processed foods. Here are some of the problems  experienced from eating foods containing these additives: migraine, asthma, fatigue, depression, insomnia, shakes, dehydration, brain fog, headaches, nausea, dizziness, numbness, heart palpitations, skin irritations. Not recommended for children.
    – 631, MSG. [Ref4].Similar in reactions and reasoning of use to 621 however much more potent. “This new additive is a combination of disodium guanylate (627, originally isolated from sardines, now made from yeasts) and disodium inosinate (631, originally isolated from the Bonito fish, now made from yeasts).”
  • Yeast and yeast extract
  • Spice & Spice Extract
  • Sugar:  Generally used as a flavour enhancer and to play on brain chemicals to make you want more.
  • Milk Solids
  • Smoke flavour [Ref5] [Ref6]:This is questionable as some smoke flavours are derived naturally yet others are artificially produced or have the chemical AM 01 in it.
  • Food Acid 330 [Ref7]: Generally harmless. Obtained from the sugars of citrus.
  • Flavour: This could be anything. What it really means is it is a substance or substances that do not require clear listing.

This product is not so different to other products on the market used as flavouring or meal creation enhancer.  It is not truely a food substance but a business model that easily hoodwinks people and their brains into thinking it is a food substance.

This product and so many others prey on the lazy eaters, the eaters that have little or no concern for their short or long term health. In a world where money is still king health and well-being still takes a back seat.

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