Better than Envelope Stuffing

Travelling the world of online jobs can be daunting given that there are loads of options being touted. Many are very much scams. My pet hate is the MLM’s, you can never make money on an MLM unless you get in at the top end.

Another one is where you are told you will get multiple payments into your Paypal account, great if you don’t mind getting your Paypal account frozen.

There is one that I tested and found to work really well, getting paid to send emails. That was 5 years ago, now I use the same technique to Tweet, post to Facebook, blogs and other social media. It has earned me on a bad week as little as $100, and I did not do a thing on those weeks up to $600 a week. This is part time. If I had the get up and go I could easily do $2000 a week, in fact I may just do that, there is nothing to stop me other than motivation.

What is wonderful about doing this work is that it is there is a never ending world of opportunity, it is not an MLM and you can work whatever number of hours you want.

I can highly recommend if you are wanting to work from home without putting in hours that you don’t have give this a go, just click on the link: (

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