Time to Stop Using Dropbox

Dropbox was originally released in 2007 as a method for users to store files and share files using the cloud. At the time and up until 3 years ago it was still a well priced product that everybody could use.

I have been a user of dropbox during this time however it is a pain in the backside to use. First you must have your files stored on your computer in a specific directory. Secondly it is painfully slow if you want to do a big backup.

I currently have 2 Windows laptops, 2 Android phone and Android tablet have the latest operating systems my 2 desktop machines are still running Vista. Yes I realise that is pretty rubbish but they serve the purpose and I cannot justify upgrading.

Dropbox has shot themselves in the foot.

So here is my bugbear. If I want to access files from Dropbox on my phones or tablet I have to download to these devices, not practical primarily for space reasons. Then there is the latest clincher, Dropbox will no longer support Vista with their software. Just stupid and quite honestly I think many will be pretty annoyed about this.

Time to change

In comes pCloud. What a game changer, if I had not been so lazy I would have moved everything over to pCloud 2 years ago. Here are some of the reasons why you should move from Dropbox to pCloud:

  • No files need be stored on your computer you can access everything direct from the cloud and save to the cloud even on our phone or tablet.
  • If you have a bucket load of files on Dropbox don’t fret. It is a simple case of giving pCloud access to your Dropbox and it will move all your files for you. Amazingly simple
  • Free space on pCloud of up to 20GB and if you are like me and want more space they have an amazing an payment option where you pay once for life no more to pay. Of course there are pay by the month plans as well.
  • Massively faster to upload your files to the cloud. For example 1.1GB file took just over 5 minutes to upload, the same file to pcloud just under 54 seconds. See for yourself on this speed test: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=179&v=jaUCteHa1Og
  • Use pCloud on any computer or mobile device
  • pCloud has super simple file sharing options
  • Encryption option available (Dropbox don’t offer this)
  • Upload all your music for faster access

The bottom line

So the reasons for moving to pCloud are a no brainer:

  • Free for up to 20GB space
  • Extremely easy to use across all devices
  • Saves your hard drive space
  • Easy to share files
  • pCloud is for everybody not just businesses (Dropbox offers a similar service for $50/month for business only)
  • Super fast to back up your files
  • No requirements to be on the internet if you wish to use your files thanks to excellent synchronization option

pCloud Premium

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