6 Signs You Are Being Bullied At Work, Part 1a – Verbal Bullying

Whilst here are many signs you are being bullied at work from personal experience I have found  there are some top area that are signs that you or a colleague is being bullied. This series of posts will outline each one.

Verbal Abuse – the pain of words

The language used at work is different from that you may use with your boss or colleagues outside of work.  Tone and words should always be acceptable for a working environment. Lets face it you are not a child, object, friend or relative, you are a work colleague. So, if you are spoken to without respect then the line has been crossed.

Verbal attacks by bullies are used to weaken their victim. Being compliant to such abuse will give more ammunition to to the bully who will just continue. This continuation may take the form of being put down for your work, doing simple tasks, or just making a contribution. Nothing you do will be right.

Worse still this verbal bullying may not be to your face but behind closed doors to other colleagues or managers.

Verbal bullying can put down every tiny scrap of work you do, often described as nitpicking. Every tiny minuscule mistake you make will destroy your sole. The bully does not want to help you improve but destroy your confidence.

Verbal bullying may not use direct language but may use sarcasm, tiny verbal stings and as mentioned behind your back stabbings behind closed doors.

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